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Hints and Tips- Make lists of your possessions and clearly label your boxes

Make a list to help you remember what you need to pack, tick it off as it is packed and record which box it is in. Go through each room (including the shed, the garage, the loft and the cupboard under the stairs) and write down what needs to be packed.

You should come up with your own system so that you are comfortable with it, but the universal rule of 'keep it simple' applies. What are looking at doing is ensuring that you can easily and quickly identify exactly where everything is packed. A good example of a simple system is using numbered labels, cross referenced with a list. This way you simply write down what you put in each box in a numbered section of the list which corresponds to a label on the box.

Combining this with a colour coding system for each room gives you (and us) a simple scheme to follow. Making the process of unloading at your new home a quick and painless process.


Don't over fill the boxes.
We can't say this often enough, but please, please, please do make sure that you don't put too much into boxes or cartons. These boxes will have to be lifted. Our removal crews are all fully trained, but the law defines the upper limit of what they can lift. Bear in mind that certain items are heavy, books, cookware and tools are the items whose weight is most commonly underestimated.

There is also the fact that over loaded boxes are likely to rupture, spill their contents and lead to breakages.

Don't under fill the boxes
Yes, we just told you not to over fill the boxes, but don't go too far the other way. If you leave large empty spaces in your boxes, they can collapse when stacked in the lorry. Obviously, we have the experience to know how best to load your boxes if you have packed yourself, but it does make our job easier if you can try to evenly distribute your belongings among the boxes.

Make sure that you have got enough packing material
It isn't just boxes you need, you will need to have plenty of paper (newpaper is fine but wrap fragile things in tissue first to save them from the newsprint), bubble wrap and sticky tape. You might also want string and smaller cartons (especially for paperwork). Think about everything, make sure that you have considered how you will wrap it and that you have the right tools for the job. And don't pack your scissors first, you'll need them.

Don't use bags as they tear and split, but luggage is a good idea, especially for packing clothes.

Be careful with anything fragile
Wrap anything fragile in bubble-wrap and paper. Be sure to take into consideration any unusual shape, figurines are typical of this. If you have the original box still, this is possibly the best way of transporting it, but any box of about the right size should do. Any boxes or containers holding fragile items should be clearly marked as "fragile".

Pack early
If you are packing yourself, start a couple of weeks before moving day. Start the packing with what you can live without until after the move (off season wardrobe, contents of the attic). As you work through the house, remember to keep essential items aside until the end and don't pack any important documents. Keep these in their own file, in a safe place and be sure to keep these with you when you move.

Food and kitchen
When it comes to food you should take a couple of weeks to ensure that you use up what is in your freezer in time to give it at least a full twenty fours to defrost before the move. The same goes for the fridge, use up anything that won't survive the journey. This can test your culinary skills in making meals from what you have to use up. Other food should be used up if it has been opened, but anything that can be securely closed can be packed, ensure that it is securely closed though.

As well as the fridge and freezer, washing machines and dishwashers need to be given the chance to fully drain before being moved.

You should make clear plans for meals on the day of the move. When the move is being planned, don't forget to factor in meals and the state of the house during those times. Perhaps preparing a 'picnic' lunch for during the pack or journey and maybe takeaway for the evening meal when you won't have a coherent kitchen in which to cook.

Tools etc.
Paints and liquids are the biggest concern. Liquids such as turps or paint thinner can be flamable and need to be treated with respect. Paint needs to be stored in leakproof containers, preferably stored inside sealed plastic bags.

Power tools need to be stored with care, preferably in any carrying cases they come with. Any petrol driven tools (lawnmowers, hedgetrimmers) should be cleaned and any remaining fuel drained out. Keep in mind the weight as you pack tools, they can be remarkably heavy and suddenly finding that the box is too heavy to lift will be frustrating.

Furniture & Fittings
Where possible furniture should be dismantled. Flatpack furniture can make life a lot easier when you move, although you should be careful. It is better to pack it assembled than damage it during disassembly. This is especially the case with beds.

Lampshades should be removed from the lamps and lights so that they don't get damaged. Plants should be taken in by friends or relatives until you are settled in your new home.

Essential Items
Any vital items should be kept in a suitable box throughout the day of the move. It should be in a safe place, preferably with your important documents. This will be things such as credit and bank cards, keys, wallets, mobile phones and medication.


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