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To Do List for Your Moving Day
Moving homes and businesses since 1921
  • It is a worthwhile excercise to get a removal estimate from more than one companies. Always work with reputable and well established companies, you should also look for the B.A.R. badge.

  • Warn us in advance if there are likely to be any issues with parking at either your current or new address.

  • Call us as early as possible to check the availability of the date you are looking for, you can provisionally book to be sure that we can provide you with a service on the day you want.

  • Call as early as possible to confirm your date. This lets us have the boxes delivered.

  • Sign and return the contract with payment of the charges.

  • Supply a contact number for yourself in advance of your move so that we can keep in constant communication with you.

  • Clearly set aside any and all items which are not being moved.

  • Dispose of anything you don't want to take with you and isn't being left for the next occupants.

  • Start using up the contents of your freezer at an early date.

  • Arrange for carpet fitters at the new address before the move if needed.

  • Make arrangements for mains services to be disconnected at your old address.

  • Notify and company with whom you have a rental or HP agreement of your change of address. Or cancel the agreement.

  • Inform your doctor, dentist, optician and vet. As well as banks, credit card and insurance companies. And your telephone (landline and mobile) company and Internet service provider. And TV licence, DVLA, Inland Revenue.

  • Arrange for your post to be re-routed.

  • Clear out the loft, the shed, the garage, cupboard under the stairs. Make sure you put your tools in a reachable location.

  • Find and label all of the keys to your old home for your purchaser.

  • Plan out where in your new home all of your furniture and possessions should go.

  • Take down the light fittings, curtains and take up carpets.

  • Cancel all deliveries, milk and newspapers.

  • Send out change of address cards to friends and relatives (don't do this too early, but don't leave it too late).

  • Arrange for someone to look after your pets and very young children on the moving day.

  • Ensure that you have any valuable items and important documents packed seperately and ready for you to hand-carry.

  • Put together food and drink for when you and your family arrives at your new home – don't forget the kettle!

  • Put together a bag of toys and essentials for the children during journey and at the destination.

  • It really helps to provide us with maps of your old and new addresses.


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